Warangal 2nd place in misusing of funds

The society for social audit, accountability and transparency (SSAAT) fu-nctioning under state de-partment of rural development has placed Warangal as the second most corrupt district in terms of misappropriation of MNREGS money meant for the poor.

This can be verified by visiting SSAAT’s link at

method=irregularity at http://nrega.ap.gov.in/Nregs.

In terms of misappropriation of public money, the SSAAT records show that the administration has managed to recover only 3.13 per cent of the Rs.8.12 crores misused EGS funds, the non-recovered percentage being a high 96.87 per cent, which is next only to Vizianagaram district with non-recovery percentage at 97.2 per cent of Rs.12.37 crores EGS funds.

In other words, out of the siphoned Rs.8.12 crores EGS funds by government and contract officials implementing the flagship programme of the centre in Warangal, only Rs.25.43 lakhs were recovered till date, the unrecovered amount being Rs.7.86 crores.

It is significant to note that the siphoned money is small if one looks at huge EGS funds released by the Central government, whi-ch range from Rs.400 crores upwards annually for large districts.

The SSAAT’s link in nrega.ap.gov.in website also lists out different categories of ‘irregularities’ and how much financial fr-aud has been committed by officials in which mandals.

A break-up of these ‘irregularities’ would show heads like ‘collection of money to issue job cards’, ‘fraudulent muster roll’, ‘excess recording of material component’, ‘improper payment of wages’, ‘illegal gratification’ and a dozen more identified frauds.

For instance, during social audit, it was found that a certain number of officials collectively made Rs.1.64 crores as ‘illegal gratification’, out of which the district administration could recover only Rs.68,143 from the identified fraudsters in Warangal.

It is interesting to note that the district administration suspects fresh EGS fund misappropriation by officials of allied departments like forest, horticulture, panchayat raj, DRDA and ITDA, who have collectively failed to submit expenditure details to the tune of Rs.17.30 crores.

To get clear idea about the Rs.17.30 crores EGS funds, which officials have failed to come out with explanations, district collector Mr Rahul Bojja convened a high-level meeting with allied department officials on August 2, but there is yet to trace of these amounts.

It may be recalled that state rural development minister Mr D. Manikvara-prasad in February launc-hed special mobile courts to try corruption cases under the MGNREGS scheme.

“However, at present, only Medak and Karimna-gar districts have mobile courts to try corrupt EGS officials,” said Ms K. Hym-avathi, the project director (PD) of District Water Management Agency (DWMA), which impleme-nts and supervises different types of works under the MNREGS in Warangal.