Urdu medium schools closed down in Warangal for lack of strength

Mr. Mohammed Jamal Shareef, who led the movement of Urdu by approaching every house told that in Warangal district. Many Urdu medium schools and junior colleges were closed down for want of sufficient strength of the students.

The teachers and lecturers of such schools and colleges have been transferred to other institutions.

Islamia Junior college and Mahboobia Pajetham Junior and Degree College have abandoned certain combinations of the subjects for lack of enough number of students. He requested the well wishers and lovers of Urdu to campaign door to door to persuade the parents to admit their children into Urdu medium schools without which it would be difficult to get students for colleges.

He told that in Urdu medium schools and colleges, Govt. is reimbursing fees and awarding scholarships. In residential schools and junior colleges there is no fees. Hostel accommodation is free. Govt. has declared Urdu as second language in Warangal district. We should try to admit as many students an possible in Urdu medium schools.