TRS may take calculated risk In Parkal bypoll

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhara Rao appears to have decided to take calculated risk in Parkal by-elections by fielding his party candidate without waiting for the support of Telangana political JAC.

According to party sources, the TRS president is very much upset with the double game being played by the Telangana JAC leaders, who he feels had ditched his party in the recent Mahbubnagar by-elections.

KCR is learnt to have told the party leaders that it was better to adopt an independent stand rather than blindly depending on the JAC, as the leaders in the JAC had no proper stand.

“We have been fighting for the Telangana cause right from the beginning. The BJP is only a recent entrant into the movement. If the JAC leaders can understand this, they should prevail upon the BJP to withdraw its candidate. It is absolutely illogical to ask the TRS to back out. It will send wrong signals to the party cadres in the entire state,” KCR is said to have told the party leaders.

KCR knows that there will be a tough fight in the event of a triangular contest and it will be slightly advantageous to Konda Surekha. However, he wants to take calculated risk.

“Let us use all our resources and man power to campaign in the Parkal by-polls. Let us take it as a prestige issue and does not give scope to any lenience or laxity. We have to prove that the TRS is a force, without the JAC support,” he said.