TRS, BJP recommended to field common candidate in Parkal by-poll

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Peoples Organisations has appealed to the political JAC to prevail upon the TRS and BJP who were trying to enter the fray in Parkal Assembly by-election to field only one candidate to avoid division of votes.

K. Venkatanarayana of Peoples’ JAC said the political JAC got good public patronage and support during the separate Telangana movement. However, it failed to act on its own and rather depended on political patronage which threatened its very existence now. The JAC was being treated badly by one party which was treating the JAC comprising intellectuals and academics as a frontal organisation.

The refusal to consider the common candidate by the TRS and BJP exposed the real intentions of the parties. The fight between the parties which were in favour of separate Telangana would only help the YSR Congress party which would pose danger to the movement. The victory of YSR Congress party in Parkal would result in irreparable damage to the separate Telangana movement.

The delay in taking a decision on common candidate by the TRS and BJP will help the YSR Congress party to consolidate its mass base. The political JAC should not delay any further and prevail upon the TRS and BJP and ensure an early decision on fielding a common candidate.

People were in utter confusion with both the TRS and BJP trying to outsmart one another. The intellectuals and academics should guide the people properly in exercising their franchise judiciously, he said.

Meanwhile, the Kakatiya University Joint Action Committee (KUJAC) also appealed to both the TRS and BJP to field a common candidate to prevent division of votes.

KUJAC chairman S. Rajesh held meeting with students leaders of all the divisions here on Sunday. He said if the parties fail to heed their request, the JAC would field a candidate and strive to bring together all the separate Telangana voters.

He said the students were active in the separate Telangana movement and it was the students who made sacrifices despite the police repression and even went to jail.

The students played key role in building the movement and work for the aspirations of people of the region.

The students have every right to question the political parties which were out to divide the people in the name of votes and elections. “If the two parties fight, those who are against the separate Telangana will win the seat. It will be big threat to the ongoing movement,” he said.

Student leaders from Narasampet, Parkal, Jangaon, Mahabubababad and other divisions attended the meeting.