To the irresponsible human being who unfortunately born in one of the most powerful religion – ISLAM

To those senseless, thoughtless speech of Akbaruddin Owaisi against Hindus, let me take half an hour to draft my feelings, anyhow, I do not have any other the way to protest.

Hinduism is not at all a religion. It is a way of living that has been evolved and is still evolving. As Darwin says ‘ Man is evolved and monkeys are his ancestors’. Similarly, Hinduism is evolved, people who do not understand are still monkeys, like Akbaruddin.

Hindus do not have 3 million Gods but 3 million and 2 Gods. Let us not forget Allah and Jesus. The simple reason in that Hinduism is the way of living and not a religion.

We need to understand a philosophy, in Hinduism, God is a
1. A representative for one or more adjectives – like strength, education, justice, patience, aggressiveness etc.
2. A symbol for matter like Air, water, fire, planets, stars, animals.
3. An achieving or a sacrificing or a preaching character in epics.

If we look into details of above 3 points,
1. A person admires a particular God which helps him achieve his personal goals and acts as a motivational factor. Eg:Sunitha Williams carried an idol of Lord Ganesha to space.
2. When we relate matter, animals and the environment to God, we get more concerned with them and start safeguarding. A tribal community. Even lizard chirping is considered holy and killing them is considered as a sin. This is a simple example to prove that the importance of bio diversity was in India since ages before any religion existed.
3. At some places Rama is considered as God and at other places, Ravana is worshiped. It means that there are no hard and fast rules to pray to a single God. These characters are present in the epics which have really happened stories. Now these will help the people to learn values, love, languages, plays, acting, painting, poetry, dancing and many arts.

Akbaruddin Owasi is not aware that the modern India is becoming educative and is not that serious towards religion compared towards patriotism. Sanjay leela Bansali directed a movie which casts Hrithik, Aish. None of the three are muslims. He has shown only the good part of Akbar. Salman and sharukh has Hindu names in their movies.

Very few in the modern generation are aware that Akbar did slaughter 30,000 unarmed Hindus. Hindus are being troubled for many reasons since 1000 years and presently for political reasons. But never a Hindu works for destruction. What if Hindus too become aware of all these Historical facts? It only leads to violence. Now every every Hindu’s mind set is to ignore the History and excuse the community, because it is only a few bastards who did ruin for which a community can’t be responsible. This mind set of is the apt one and matured one. This is what we call as an evolution of a mind set taking into consideration the past, present and future, and this is what we call Hinduism – a behavioral evolution that is useful for the mankind. It doesn’t indicate impotence for an idiot to challenge them (Hindus).

Owaisi cant comment on no. of Gods. Is there no badly ambitious cricket player who treats sachin as a God of cricket? Do we criticize if they do? Is there no ambitious musician who treats Rehman as a god of music? Is it wrong? Rama is a good ruler and Hanuma is a great devotee and is why Hindus pray them.

Let us frame a small story to understand why in Hinduism there are many Gods and why we say it is evolved.
The story starts here ..Way back to the ages where the oldest civilisation was in starting stage. There lived a community in a forest. They struggled to understand the forest, in the sense, what kind of trees and animals are present, what are harmful, what are useful, what are precious, what are needy and what are scarce. After this, they started living happily. On one day they wanted to have celebrations. The comparatively more knowledgeable persons had a meeting to discuss the same and the group continued the discussion in this way.

“Why do we want to have celebrations”
“Coz we are happy”
“How do we communicate our happiness?”
“We will shout and clap that we are happy”
“What do you want to tell to the people”
“If we follow what we are doing, we will be happy forever”
“What do you mean by the word following”
“understanding dos and donts and passing them to the generations to continue”
“so shall we name the entire sentence as ‘culture’?
“Yes, it is good and easy”
“you said you are happy, what could be the main reason for that”
“This forest, of course”
“So for the next generations to be happy, tell me one thing that needs to be safeguarded?”
“don’t you think we need to thank the forest on that day”
“yes, but we cannot go to every tree and kiss it in thanks”
“That is fine. But who shall attend the celebrations”
“All those in our community”
“How about the forest”
“How can the forest come, everywhere it is forest”
“why don’t we consider one big tree as a representative to the forest?”
“Hey, this tree, where we are sitting and discussing can be treated”
“this is a fantastic proposal”
“Then how about the animals? what could be the representative of them”
“we shall choose cow, it gives milk and and it is harmless to us”
“I am impressed. so what shall we do after every one gathers”
“As I said, we will shout and clap in happiness”
“But why don’t we all clap similarly and shout the same?”
“This definitely promotes unity”
“we will shout in praise of forest and the animals, is it ok”
“this is actual”
“we are having many trees and animals here, how can we differentiate this tree and one cow among them”
“we will pour more mud around the tree and add some colors and tie the cow to the tree”
“we will have all kinds of dishes, meat, fruits, vegetables, but what shall we give to the tree”
“it doesn’t eat anything but”
“we will do one thing, we shall take little from all the dishes and keep infront of the tree, after a while, we will take it and eat”
“So to whom shall we give it”
“we shall share among us”
“who would take of this process then”
“we shall have a person here to take care of all these”
“we shall give him a name then. How does the word ‘priest’ look?
“good idea”
“when shall we have next celebration then”
“again in this same winter season”
“but again at that time, we should have this cow and the tree safe. what shall we do for this”
“let us ask one person to visit this place daily”
“Hey why don’t priest’s family stay here. we will have celebrations at the beginning of every season, it will be even fun”
“then we need to build a hut here”
“not just a hut, we will have a big roof too”
“What if we have few huts built for us to take shelter during these celebrations”
“True, we can do. but those huts will be empty through out. How?”
“why don’t we ask the women, who helps deliver a baby safely, stay here and take care for few days?”
“this can be done and priest’s family too can have another family’s company”
“Hey, why don’t we ask children to learn archery here. They are not taking it that serious”
“Yes, it is even better if we ask them promise to the tree and the cow that they will learn sincerly”
“Tree and cow is something that they regularly see”
“we will name them differently”
“what name shall we give”

” G O D ”

This is how the temples and Gods have evolved in Hinduism. The uniformity in shouts gave rise to songs and the synchronisation in claps gave rise to dances. The interest to safeguard all these beautiful incidents, gave rise to plays.

ooh fool, just have a check in maths,physics, chemistry, biology, geography, civics, econimis, political science, Business administration, vaasthu, construction, medicine, yoga. Everything has to do with Hinduism. I say thousands of wonderful and beautiful aspects in Hindu’s history or epics. How many can you say? I can narrate stories of love and sacrifice happened in hinduism. How many can you.

Now those who are against idol worshiping, let me question, doesn’t the mosque has a structure? Is crescent moon not a structure? is the Quran not a structure? Is the color green, not a structured one?

Be it a Muslim, a christian, a jewish, a budhist, an Indian , and American or a pakistani, for the world to be in peace, every one should have the feelings of Hindutva. By Hindutva, it means tolerance, it means progressiveness, it means healthy, it means logical, it means sacrifice.

All religions are true and equal, the more you try to degrade one religion, the more worst animal are you become.