Technozion 2013

Technozion, a three day annual Technical Festival organized aims to provide a platform for students across the globe to assemble, interact, share and gain knowledge in various fields of science and technology. Through this Symposium we seek to provide a platform for budding engineers and scientists from all over the world to display their skills in a plethora of events designed to exercise their minds, and to further a spirit of technology. From its inception in 2006, Technozion has grown in strength and in numbers, and is now considered to be amongst the second biggest technical festivals in India. One of the hallmarks of Technozion has always been the presence of notable luminaries gracing the Institute portals, delivering inspiring lectures, video conferencing and conducting interactive workshops for the benefit of the student community.

NIT technozion2013
Technozion had it humble beginnings in 2006 and over the short span of 6 years,Technozion has grown exponentially to become the second largest technical fest in South India with Technozion’11 hosting a footfall of over 6000 students from across the country, organizing 60+ events and associating with multinationals of the like of AMD and Murugappa.With every passing year, the events at Technozion grow bigger and better. The same goes for the workshops conducted. Technozion strives annually to bring to the table the most innovative and advanced workshops based on the various prominent current technologies. One of the hallmarks of Technozion has always been the presence of notable luminaries gracing the Institute portals, delivering inspiring lectures for the benefit of the student community.

Apart from technological brilliance, Technozion has also envisioned the social development of India.Technozion has been utilizing its wide reach all over India to promote research and development in India and to impress upon the masses the benefits of a sustainable way of living.

And now close approaching we have the latest edition to the saga, Technozion’13 with the theme “Ethical Innovation”.With the great responsibility of quenching the thirst for knowledge, we set off to rebuild the TZ experience once again this year.

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Technozion is one of the biggest student events happening in Warangal thats not only for Entertainment but also for Enlightening students with their innovations. belives that events like Technozion brings greater glory to our city and we take greatest pride in writing news about the event and will try to get as much of information related to event as possible in coming days.

As part of Technozion 2013 , NIT Warangal came up with social initiative campaign called “Ink Your Vote” to spread the importance of voting in Democracy , check the below video for same

Good luck Technozion team and NIT Warangal 🙂