TDP Dharna in Warangal Against Power Cuts

The district Telugu Desam Party (TDP) will organise a dharna at all electricity sub-stations across the district, protesting the power cuts, on July 16, 17 and 18.

TDP senior leader Kadiam Srihari, MLC B. Venkateswarlu and MP G. Sudha Rani said that the government should own the responsibility for the present crisis in the power sector. As the government had failed miserably in protecting the power sector, hundreds of small units were forced to close down, rendering lakhs of people unemployed.

Srihari said that the government lacked vision and a result, of the total 1,259 MW power supposed to be generated; a mere 5,585 MW is being generated at present. To extend solidarity to the farmers and give them the much needed

confidence, the TDP will undertake a series of demonstrations at all mandal headquarters in the district. “We will expose the failure of the government in tackling the power crisis,” he said.

Srihari found fault with Union Minister S. Jayapal Reddy and State Panchayat Minister K. Jana Reddy as they were not doing anything to hel the State or the region.