TDP cadre make its supremo upset during by-elections

Former union minister Ummareddy Venkateswarlu was not happy with the way senior TDP leaders were treated in the party. He belongs to the Kapu community and had met Naidu recently to reveal his viewpoint. His meeting with Congress MP Lagadapati Rajagopal has started worrying Naidu.

The backward classes (BC), who were given prominence in the NTR regime, have started feeling neglected by the party. “If a Kapu intellectual like Ummareddy leaves the party, it would send a clear signal across that Kapus have no future in the party,” said a senior Kapu leader from Guntur district.

Naidu has lost a key man in the Parkala segment to the Congress. Samma Rao, a strong BC leader of Warangal, left the TDP and is being fielded as a Congress candidate in Parkala. It is learnt that some more backward classes leaders of the party are likely to join Samma Rao. Naidu has reportedly expressed his anger at the Warangal leadership for not sensing the discontent of Samma Rao and allowing him to crossover to the Congress.

The migration of the TDP leaders in the face of elections was unabated in Warangal. Telugu Mahila state leader and former MP of Hanumakonda, Lalita Yadav, her husband Kumar Yadav and their followers resigned from the TDP last week. She has resigned protesting against Naidu’s stand on Telangana. She said she and her followers would henceforth work for achieving Telangana statehood. The departure of Lalita may make a dent in the TDP’s Yadav vote bank.

In addition to discontentment of Kapu and Yadav leaders, Immani Rajeswari, a woman leader of the party belonging to the Kamma community, expressed her unhappiness against the way the TDP was being run. Citing Rajya Sabha nomination to Devender Goud and C M Ramesh, she alleged that the TDP has now become a rich man’s party.