Sun Beat:Beer sales hit a record high in Telangana

With the sun beating down hard and the temperatures recording 44-46 degrees Celsius in north Telangana, beer consumption has soared to a new high. Excise officials said the rural people, who consume toddy in the summer, have also taken to beer in a big way. Sources said with the Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) available in belt shops in interior villages, beer consumption has shot up tremendously.

A total of 17,04,000 bottles of beer (1,42,000 cartons) were sold up to May 26 in Nizamabad district alone. This is when only 11,16,000 beer bottles (93,000 cartons) were sold in February this year. The sales rose to 20,88,000 bottles (1,74,000 cartons) in March, which fell to 11,64,000 bottles (97,000 cartons) in April. The corresponding sales last year were 10,08,000 bottles (90,000 cartons) in February, 15,60,000 bottles (1,30,000 cartons) in March, 9,84,000 bottles (82,000 cartons) in April and 14,88,000 bottles (1,24,000 cartons) in May. Wine shop owners lifted 2,08,509 beer cartons in April and 2,10,200 cartons in May last year in Warangal district. But this year, 2,24,237 beer cartons were lifted in May alone.

According to traders in Karimnagar, this May 2,22,498 cases were lifted from the depots. The corresponding figure in last May was 1,96,234 cases only. Sources said the beer consumption in Adilabad reached a new high with the mercury soaring to 47 degrees.

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