Smugglers assault forest officers

A group of smugglers allegedly attacked forest officials at the Mahamuttaram forests in Karimnagar district in the early hours of Thursday. The seriously injured officials were shifted to Karimnagar government hospital where their condition was said to be stable.

Ten people were smuggling teakwood in bullock carts towards Warangal from Mahamuttaram forests when the forest officials led by section officer Satyanarayana and another official Lakshmipathi rushed to the spot to stop them. On seeing the forest officers, the smugglers started beating them up with sticks and bullock hunting ropes between Mahbubpally and Kolanpally villages.

Lakshmipathi got badly injured while the section officer suffered a fracture on his hand. Villagers came to the rescue of the officials and the smugglers fled from the spot upon seeing them. Police registered a case and have launched an investigation.