Punish those who falsely declare expenditure: Lok Satta Party

The Lok Satta Party has demanded that the Election Commission officials initiate action against the contesting candidates in Parkal for submitting false expenditure declarations.

A delegation of the party led by vice-president Parcha Kodandarama Rao and candidate contesting for Parkal, M. Gattaiah, met the Election Observer, Vallalar, and submitted a memorandum.

Mr. Kodandarama Rao apprised the observer that there is was gross variation in the expenditure statements submitted by candidates of TDP, TRS, Congress and YSRCP and that submitted by the shadow teams of the election commission.

“A glance at the declarations reveal that the Congress candidate declared his expenditure as Rs.2,64,680 (as on June 4, 2012), his shadow team declared it as Rs.15,75,531, thus almost touching the permitted figure on June 4, 2012 itself,” he pointed out.

The TDP candidate declared Rs.4,18,928 while the shadow team declared it as Rs.10,09,956. While the BJP candidate declared Rs.2,63,755, the shadow team declared Rs.7,90,500. TRS candidate declared Rs.3,63,402 while the shadow team declared Rs.11,87,500 and the YSRCP candidate declared Rs.2,15,734 while the shadow team declared Rs.9,35,779.

However, Lok Satta Party candidate declared Rs.74, 421 while the shadow team declared it as Rs.74,200. The Lok Satta leaders have demanded that suitable punitive action be taken against candidates who have submitted false declarations.