Onamalu Releasing July 27th

Synopsis:The story of the film is about a retired teacher who stays with his kids in USA coming back to India searching for his own roots. Entire first half deals with this point. The second half is all about what he sees when he reached his home place and how things have transformed. Onamalu is an open ended film and is a kind of a bio-pic. There are no negative characters. There is nobody at fault in the film. I have portrayed characters from the society without being judgmental. There is no preaching in the movie. There is entertainment as well in the form of clean humor. ( source:Idlebrain)

movie is directed by new comer Kranthi Madhav , who is born in Khammam and brought up in Warangal.

Onamalu releasing in below theaters in Warangal

Devi 70mm – Warangal

Will keep you updated as the theaters added.