Laknavaram lake attracts tourists

A sweet-water lake spread over 10,000 acres in the midst of green lush hills surrounded by thick forests; one need not have to travel more than 75 km from Warangal. In view of yearlong Kakatiya Festival that gets kick-started on December 21, the Tourism Department made a trip to another popular tourist destination in the district, Laknavaram Lake and found interesting facts for the benefit of tourists.

The lake located in thick jungle was discovered by Kakatiya rulers and they constructed a sluice gate to monitor the flow of the water. The water after the rainfall in surrounding catchment areas reaches the huge natural water body that is dotted with over a dozen islands.
Tourism department constructed a massive 280 m long suspension (hanging) bridge from the entrance to island number: 2.

Laknavaram Lake
Laknavaram Lake

This is also known as Entrance Island, where a hotel with restaurant is coming up and where the boating facility is available. The Tourism department also constructed Resort Hotels in island number 9 with a total cost of over Rs 3 crores, said Tourism Corporation Divisional Manager Venkateshwar Rao.

To reach the several islands people need to hire a private boat that is operational. The officials are planning for January 1 inauguration of the resorts, hotel and restaurant along with APSTDC boats and open for tourists. Laknavaram is a paradise for the party makers who rush to the spot usually on holidays. There is absolutely no food or water available in the vicinity and tourists are eagerly waiting for the restaurant.

Though it takes less than one and half hour from Warangal by road, the 7km road stretch from Chelvai to Laknavaram is not motorable. Adding to the agony of tourists, there is no puncture wala available on this stretch in case of punctures to the vehicles. Government should pay attention to this stretch of road.

Tourism officials maintain that Laknavaram is eco-tourism water body and boating is banned for three months after releasing water to the second crop as it feeds thousands of acres of farmers who grow paddy and fruits in the adjoining Govindaraopet village and mandal.

The Government should lay fresh road from Chelvai to the lake, build barricades at the entrance of the lake as the vehicles precariously move on a narrow road with one end open towards the lake. To catch the the interest of the tourists the Tourism Department needs to inaugurate a ready-to-occupy resort on one of the islands, complete the yet to be finished hotel-cum-restaurant and run APSTDC’s boats at the earliest. A trip to Laknavaram is amazing.