Italians students gift borewell to warangal people

Here is a new way of being a philanthropist. Marking their graduation a couple of Italian students have gifted a bore well to the villagers here and thus set new trend in giving. Katia Morello and Maria Fiarito are students at Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore, Milan in Italy. Last month they have graduated from the university.

The students were in Andhra Pradesh in July 2011 as part of an exposure programme organised by Kazipet-based Bala Vikasa Social Service Society.

During their visit at that time they were touched by the struggle of children and women in fetching water for their domestic needs in the villages and decided to do something for them.

“It is a tradition in Italy, the family and friends give small amounts as gift to the graduating persons. After we received such amount we thought about the pains of Indian women in getting water and decided to do something for them,” they explained.

They then decided to transfer the gift money to Bala Vikasa to dig a bore well on their name for the benefit of the women here. “Seeing the smiles on the faces of the hardworking women in India is more satisfying to us then having something for ourselves,” they said.

“Bala Vikasa’s work in helping rural poor to have water facilities like bore wells and water purification impressed us and hence we have chosen it to do the task on our behalf,” said Katia and Maria.

On Thursday, Bala Vikasa organised the inauguration of the two wells in Mallakapally in Dharmasagar Mandal and Markandeya Nagar in the suburbs of Warangal city marking the Rakhi Bandan day.

Three college mates of Katia and Maria of the same university, Eleonora, Juliana and Francesca, who are currently on an exposure visit with Bala Vikasa, have attended the inauguration.

They said it is really amazing to see how the gift of their friends could bring a change in the lives of the rural folks. “The act of gifting is very inspiring and we will also try to help the poor communities in India to have access to safe drinking water,” they said.

Bala Vikasa executive director S Shoury Reddy said that donating a bore well on the occasion of graduation is a new trend. “Many of us can draw inspiration from this and it is truly thinking beyond the self,” he opined.