Hawkers union seeks compensation for their destroyed structures in Warangal

Members of Footpath & Street Vendors, Hawkers Union have demanded that the Warangal Municipal Corporation pay compensation to the vendors who suffered damage on account of corporation’s act.

The corporation personnel had demolished all the structures and removed shops and establishments that had come up on the side of the road at Amebdkar Statue centre. The union members argued that the corporation should have informed them to vacate the premises before razing the structures to ground using bull dozers.

Union leaders MLA D. Vinay Bhaskar and V. Sarangapani visited the area and interacted with the hawkers who had suffered due to this act. The leaders wanted the corporation to compensate their loss by Monday or else they would launch an agitation over the indiscriminate and unilateral act.

Mr. Vinay Bhaskar said that the government officials should be empathetic towards the street vendors who eke out a living by working hard. If they were displaced, they would find it difficult to survive and their family members too would be affected. “The street vendors are important in an economy. They serve the people in their capacity,” he said.