Dalits, TJAC says no to airport near Warangal

The leaders of Dalit Sena and Telangana Peoples’ JAC have disproved the proposal of developing an airport at Mamunoor airstrip on the outskirts of Warangal district headquarters. The leaders opined out that building an airport would not help in generating employment in the district. Instead of the airport, the government should plan to establish an industry to provide employment to the unemployed youth here.

The sena president Dandre Suresh Kumar and the JAC chairman professor Enagandula Bobbili have appealed the district administration, the ministers from the district, the state and central governments to plan to set an industry in place of the proposed airport.

They noted that the government should focus on addressing the problem of unemployment in the district and should not waste the public money on the projects that helps only a handful of rich persons.

After the Ajam Jahi Mills established in the year 1942 no major industry that could provide employment on large scale has come up in the district. It was shameful that no political leader from the district has made plans in that direction, they opined.

A large number of educated and skilled youth from the district have been migrating to other places for their livelihood. In view of which the rulers and local leaders should initiate immediate measures towards establishing an industry here, they argued.They found fault with the Airports Authority of India authorities who sought an additional 400 acres of land to develop an airport at Mamunoor airstrip which has already got about 700 acres land.

“It yields nothing to acquire valuable 400 agricultural land for an airport, the officials should withdraw the idea of acquiring the land from the farmers around the Mamunoor airstrip” demanded Suresh Kumar and Bobbili.