Congress Cadre voted against Congress nominee

Post their poor fifth spot finish in Parkal byelectio-n, there is more humiliation in store for the Cong-ress camp as they are unable to digest the shocking fact that even local party leaders in 20 polling stations in the constituency ditched them on the voting day.

The Congress’ party nominee S. Samma Rao had managed to poll one to five votes in 20 polling stations in spite of the presence of their poll agents (two in each polling station with voting rights), party affiliated Adarsha Rythus, ex-ward members, ex-sarpanches, ex-MPTCs, local village committee members and other Con-gressmen in the village.

According to the voting trend report released by poll authorities, the Con-gress nominee had polled a single vote in Parkal constituency polling station numbers 9 (Laxmipur), 60 (Aliabad Shivaru Pocha-ram), 152 (Gesukonda) and 163 (Vanchanagiri village in Gesukonda).

The Congress’ nominee polled two votes in polling stations numbers 125 (Akkamapata village), 173 (Ookal) and 196 (Nallabelly South) and three votes in PS No 51 (Parkala, Velma-wada), 87 (Katakshapur), 162 (Vanchanagiri), 171 (Ukal Haveli), 186 (Chintal-apally) and 215 (Kapulakanaparthy).

Similarly, the Congress’ nominee polled four votes in polling station Nos. 67 (Kantathmakur), 218 (Bollikunta), 202 (Thimmapuram) and five votes in five polling station numbers of 26 (Charla-pally), 41 (Parkal), 53 (Par-kal), 185 (Malakapettah) and 205 (Sangem).

Significantly, party leaders aver that it is a clear case of local leaders not voting in favour of their party nominee Mr Samma Rao, whose Parkal debacle has not yet been reviewed by the DCC Warangal.

Meanwhile, PCC secretary and party official spokesperson Boddireddy Prabhakar Reddy blamed a host of reasons for the party’s disastrous performance in Parkal bypoll du-ring his interaction with media persons at Congress Bhavan on Saturday.

However, top Congress leaders like district ministers Ponnala Lakshama-iah, Baswaraju Saraiah, Warangal MP Siricilla Rajaiah and government chief whip Gandra Venk-ata Ramana Reddy have so far avoided giving any explanation for their defeat to local media.

“YSRCP leader Konda Surekha had controlled the constituency as her fiefdom for 13 years without giving any opportunity to other leaders. Other reasons for the defeat like late naming of nominee, failure in taking up the disqualification against Ms Surekha to the voters etc. would be reviewed next week,” he said, while holding the defeat as party’s ‘collective responsibility’.