Collector asks students to register their names in voter list

Warangal: District Collector Rahul Bojja has urged students and youth who attained voting right to register their names in electoral rolls.
He said that the summary revision of the electoral rolls has been going on in the district. A special drive of the electoral enrollment would also be held on October 14 and 21 for registering the names of new voters. The publication of electoral draft was done on October 1 followed by a special enrollment drive on October7, 2012.

He said there has been a gap between latest population census figures and electoral rolls which indicate that the youth who have newly attained the voting right have not registered their names in the voter list. The Collector has said that the district administration has been gearing up for publication of final voter list in January 2013. In view of which young voters should enroll their names in the voter list, he said. The details of draft voters lists were posted on Election Commission website and the same was also made available at respective booth level officers.

Any changes in the voters details could be made now and the same would be updated in the final list to be published the next year. The district administration has planned to conduct awareness programmes for educating the students on the importance of enrolling the names in the voters list, said the Collector.

New applications, objections and revisions would be done till December 1, 2012. The updation of the rolls would be done from December 1 to 31 and final list would be published on January 5, 2013. In all, there are 23, 63, 118 voters in the district. 11, 88, 273 male and 11, 74, 845 are female.