BJP contesting in Parakala as part of T-movement: Kishan Reddy

State BJP president G Kishan Reddy has made it clear that his party was contesting in Parakala Assembly constituency as part of the Telangana movement.

As part of his by-election campaign in Parakala constituency on Tuesday, Kishan Reddy said that the TRS has been harming the Telangana movement by taking the wrong steps. He asked the TRS leaders to answer how a separate Telangana state could be achieved if it expresses doubts on every political party. Making it clear that his party was not interested to cross swords with any party, he said that he was least bothered about the remarks made by the TRS leaders dubbing him as a “gulli” and booth leader. He asserted that he was ready to tender his resignation if someone assured him that his resignation would fetch Telangana.

Kishan Reddy said that he did not know why KCR’s family was criticising him. “BJP leaders have no habit of being ‘sold out’ and therefore the TRS has no moral right to criticise the BJP,” he added. He also made it clear that the BJP has no intention or necessity to collude with Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The BJP leader alleged that the Congress and YSRC were like two faces of a coin of corruption and were indulging in illegal activities.