BJP asks T-JAC to quit being calm

The outcome of the ensuing by-election will have a serious effect on the continuance of the government in the State.

The government may collapse leading to mid-term elections, said senior BJP leader Ch. Vidyasagar Rao, here on Friday.

The victory of TRS in Parkal will not result in formation of a separate Telangana but if the BJP won the seat, it would help expedite the process of a separate statehood to the region.

“The Congress will come under pressure if BJP wins the Parkal seat and will initiate the process. The NDA will come to power in the next election and no one can stop a separate Telangana,” he said.


The BJP leader appealed to Rajya Sabha members to vote in favour of the separate Telangana Bill that is being privately moved by the BJP on May 18.

He also appealed to the political JAC leaders to stop being silent on the ongoing by-elections and come out openly supporting parties that were working sincerely for the Telangana issue.

He wanted the members to educate people about the capacity of national parties and how they could help fulfil aspirations of four crore Telangana people.

Mr. Vidyasagar Rao who was here to take stock of the situation on Parkal Assembly by-election held discussions with the local BJP leaders.

“The ensuing by-election is a unique election, hence, the T-JAC should come out openly extending its support to BJP in the by-election, because the statehood to the region will not be possible with sub-regional parties,” he told newsmen.

BJP district president D. Devender Reddy was present.