Any time Water kiosks

Bala Vikasa Sujal Any time Water kiosks inaugurated in Warangal

Bala Vikasa Sujal any time water launched in Warangal City

Providing 1 liter chilled and purified water @ just Rs.1

First of its kind in the country and a good model for CSR collaborations

Another innovative initiative is launched today by Bala Vikasa in Warangal City. This project is establishing 10 water vending kiosks across the waragnal city main roads. This is the first of its kind in the country. The objective of the project is to provide 1 liter purified and chilled water for just Rs.1 to the commuters. The district collector Mrs. Vakati Karuna, GWMC commissioner Mr. Sarfaraj and Mayor Mr.Nannapaneni Narender were the guests at the project launch. The collector said the Sujal Kiosks are so impressive as they are built with modern equipment and technology yet providing water at an affordable cost. The Mayor said that Warangal is lucky to have Bala Vikasa who launches innovative programs and create model projects to governments. Bala Vikasa is now ready to take this project to other cities in collaboration with corporate companies as part of their CSR and also partnering with municipalities.

  • K V Jayakumar

    Congrats to Bala Vikasa for the initiative. Wishing all success.