36000 students arrive Warangal for AIEEE exam

Over 69 centres in warangal have been setup for AIEEE exam tommorow , all lodges and hotels are packed with students and families , the only online centre being in telangana region is making a compulsion of students to come to Warangal to attend the test .

Warangal is now being explored as a new educational hub , with last year top IIT ranks for warangal lads and even with brightest results intermediate results this year is blossoming warangal educational levels , its so true that students are still able to manage to do studies with ongoing movement

Moreover , already with NIT , a proposed Apparel Park and reverting old airport in mamnur , people in warangal are expecting to rise substantialy as next most potential district in telangana , neverthless afected most by the bandhs and strikes since a decade growth is still being part of the district .